Ultimately it is our client relationships and the quality and capability of our people that are Quadrent’s most valuable assets.

Our people have a wealth of combined experience in equipment supply, technology management and financing and are there to help our clients find new ways to increase revenue, reduce cost or mitigate risk by creating rental solutions tailored to meet specific needs.

At Quadrent we strive to deliver rental solutions in ways which demonstrate the four key cornerstones underpinning the Quadrent name.



Quality is the result achieved by combining our rental products with personality, commitment and knowledge. Quadrent people are passionate about quality because it’s about value over the long term.



No matter what people say, “business is personal”. After all, people make the difference - our people are not only knowledgeable and committed to outcomes but also approachable and easy to deal with.



Knowing and doing are very different things. Our commitment to “doing what we say we will” consistently over time breeds loyalty and a name that can be trusted.



Strong customer relationships are based on a uniqueness of understanding. We see it as our business to know how to help our customers better than anyone else and use our experience to their advantage.

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