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How to Use Data to Achieve ROI From Your Lease Portfolio and Save Money

Benchmark your lease portfolio data against the market and manage your balance sheet better.

At first, IFRS 16 was focused on accounting compliance. However, the new accounting standard also presented the opportunity for organisations to centralise all their lease data in one place for the first time.

In a world where stakeholders demand transparency for decision-making, the reliance on data is only increasing. Therefore, using the data available to you is crucial for being able to understand how leasing decisions are made across your business.

By analysing the data from your lease portfolio and benchmarking it against the market, you'll be able to identify portfolio outliers, saving you money and increasing the ROI of your lease accounting system.

In this webinar, you will be able to benchmark your lease portfolio against over one million data points collated anonymously from our IFRS 16 lease accounting software solution, LOIS.

We'll help you uncover:

  • Are you paying too much for your leased assets?
  • Are you leasing your equipment for too long?
  • Are you leasing the right assets?
  • Is your incremental borrowing rate in line with your industry?
  • Are your ROU assets and lease liabilities in line with the market?
  • Could you be managing your balance sheet better?
  • The value of correctly capturing data on short-term and low-value assets.
  • Is your lease data useful for ESG reporting?

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(As this webinar is an activity that increases your knowledge, skills and abilities, it can be recognised as CPD hours.)


Damon Kennedy

Damon Kennedy

LOIS Client Success Director at Quadrent

Damon has over 20 years’ commercial leasing experience and has been at the forefront of industry innovations from SaaS solutions for IFRS 16 compliance, through to data-driven analytic tools that complement the traditional leasing offering and add value to Quadrent’s client base.


James Dickinson

James Dickinson

Director at Unisphere Solutions

James is a data specialist with global CIO and CISO experience. He specialises in IT and cyber strategy. James’ analytical and strategy first approach has seen him successfully deliver many successful digital transformations both large and small.

Stefan Iggo

Stefan Iggo

CFO at Quadrent

Stefan drives the LOIS Team. His experience in assisting large organisations, across a multitude of industries, with their IFRS 16 set up and best practice processes, combined with his background in banking and leasing allows him to have a unique perspective on the market.