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PwC and Quadrent discuss how leasing can aid commercial and strategic decision making

With historically low-interest rates on the rise, this could be the compelling event to drive you to review your utilisation of leasing and look at the opportunities it can provide.

Identifying optimal solutions to finance and manage assets has never been more challenging for finance teams than it is today. In a post-COVID world, borrowing levels are constrained and operational flexibility is critical. In addition, the growing expectations that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors will be proactively addressed by businesses has increased the need to ensure that assets are appropriately managed throughout their full lifecycle, including responsible disposal at the end of their useful corporate life.

The introduction of IFRS 16 shone a light on leasing and the required compliance reporting also provided organisations with more data, that could be used in their financial and strategic decision-making process. It demonstrated that leasing could be a cost-effective and practical tool across asset classifications, such as IT (with the move to working from home).

Joining us will be Sean Rugers, Partner at PwC Australia and Mark Russell, Chief Transformation Officer at PwC NZ. We will look to leverage both Sean’s technical and practical knowledge to provide attendees with insights and guidance on how to look for ways to identify areas that could utilise the leasing product. We will also get Mark’s insight on the decision-making processes PwC goes through for their IT leasing, which mirrors many large organisations and their requirements for flexible working environments and the need to have the best technology for their team.

Learning outcomes (what attendees will learn/receive from this event):

  • An overview of what a leasing structure can deliver throughout an asset lifecycle within the post-COVID world.
  • Understanding the asset lifecycle and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), including the components of a TCO analysis.
  • What are some common areas that organisations use leasing for and some they don’t, but should look at?
  • How has IFRS 16 changed the way traditional leasing structures are viewed.
  • PwC's overview of the key areas where lease portfolio decisions are having a positive impact for their clients.

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As this webinar is an activity that increases your knowledge, skills and abilities, it can be recognised as CPD hours.


Damon Kennedy

Damon Kennedy

LOIS Client Success Director at Quadrent

Damon has over 20 years’ commercial leasing experience and has been at the forefront of industry innovations that help businesses deal with IFRS 16 compliance – specifically via LOIS (Quadrent’s IFRS 16 lease accounting software solution).


Sean Rugers

Sean Rugers

Partner at PwC Australia

Sean is a specialist in providing accounting advisory services to businesses undertaking complex transactions or dealing with new accounting standards. A sponsor of key tools and templates used to assess the impact from a financial reporting, systems and commercial perspective, especially considering the link between the presentation of accounting treatment in financial reports and the impact on borrowing headroom and credit ratings. 

Mark Russell

Mark Russell

Chief Transformation Officer at PwC NZ

Mark is responsible for driving business transformation within PwC NZ, including leadership of their internal IT and Digital teams. Mark is also jointly responsible for how PwC NZ become a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Stefan Iggo

Stefan Iggo

CFO at Quadrent

Stefan drives the LOIS Team. His experience in assisting clients across a multitude of industries with their transition to IFRS 16 combined with his background in leasing allows him to have a unique perspective on the market.