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Making a Difference in the World of Equipment Finance

Not only did they want to make a real difference in the world of asset finance, but they also wanted to improve the lives of clients and employees.

Faced with an industry that was out of step with their own beliefs and values they knew there was a better way. Martyn and Tony approached things differently from the very beginning. They engineered better financial and business outcomes for their clients, solved problems and delivered upon their commitments time and time again.

Growing the Quadrent business has come from a constant focus on the client’s well-being, a genuine interest in understanding people and a knowledge of how to treat them well. It was this perspective that drove the definition of our core values of knowledge, commitment, personality and quality.

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Despite Significant Change, Our Aim Has Always Been the Same

Quadrent has come a long way since 2002 and so has the world. Despite significant change, our aim has always been the same: to be different, simpler, and better.

In 2019, the leasing rules changed, and we brought to market a world-leading IFRS 16 reporting and compliance tool, LOIS to make life simple. We now help our customers manage almost $30bn in leases.

Further, we have reshaped our core leasing services, which re-purpose and extend the life of assets and reduce the level of waste generated by up to 10 times. Our commitment to sustainability will help our customers measure their environmental impact and improve their social contribution.

In 2021, we brought to market a series of data products that provide our customers with greater insights on how to finance, use and manage their assets better.

Today, Quadrent is Australasia’s leading and most trusted asset financier and lease accounting software provider. We continue to look ahead, seeking new ways to help clients and grow as a team of dedicated professionals who share Tony and Marty’s vision and values.

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At Quadrent we have a team of experts to support both equipment financing and our world-leading lease accounting and asset management software.

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