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Asset Leasing and Finance Options to Suit Your Needs

Quadrent provides leasing solutions for large corporate and government clients to help them cost-effectively finance their assets that have a limited useful life, providing an alternative to the traditional bank lending model.

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Quadrent Funds a Wide Range of Asset Types

Our business model and our ability to invest in the assets we lease, ensures we can provide you with a cost-effective solution to procuring the assets you need. We have breadth across funding lines and we’re supplier and asset independent. Examples of items we regularly fund include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, scanners, servers, AV solutions, commercial refrigeration, complex infrastructure, furniture, testing equipment, medical equipment, software, and French Oak wine barrels. More specifically, the only assets we do not invest in are vehicles and real property.

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Quadrent funds a wide range of asset types

Discover More About Our Tailored Leasing Solutions

In a rapidly changing world, it makes even greater sense to own items that appreciate in value and lease items that depreciate. We provide three lease and rental structures according to what suits your business needs the best (operating lease, finance lease and sale and leaseback), as well as structured finance options.

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Operating Lease

Under an operating lease, Quadrent makes an upfront investment in the asset’s market value at the end of the lease term, therefore keeping ownership and title of the assets during and after the lease. This solution is best suited for assets that are frequently upgraded or replaced, such as technology. The typical term of an operating lease is between one to five years.

The recurring lease payment amounts take into account the total cost minus our investment, which means your total lease cost is less than the purchase price of the asset.

An operating lease is a cost-effective solution especially useful in situations where a business needs to replace or upgrade its assets on a recurring basis, and so has a need to seamlessly swap out old assets for new ones at regular intervals.

Quadrent Operating Lease

We will proactively work with you to tailor the best end of term solution for your business, ensuring there are no surprises.

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Finance Lease

Under a finance lease, Quadrent transfers ownership of the asset to you at the end of the term. We do not place a residual investment in the asset, so the lease is similar to a bank loan and is treated as a depreciating asset. This is best suited for assets with a long lifecycle, or when ownership at the end of the lease term is desirable.

Finance lease payments are typically higher than an operating lease because we do not invest in the asset’s market value at the end of the lease term.

A finance lease is useful in situations where a business is looking to lease a specialised asset.


Sale and Leaseback

In conversion to leasing, ‘sale and leaseback’, the business sells an asset to Quadrent for fair market value and, in turn, takes on a lease for the asset. Your business becomes the lessee and Quadrent becomes the lessor.

Before IFRS 16, conversion to leasing was often used in commercial sectors to free up capital which could be used to invest in business activities, pay off debts or buy core assets, while still having use of the asset.

Since the introduction of IFRS 16, you must satisfy the accounting rules for the sale of the asset before it goes onto your business’s balance sheet. This makes reporting obligations for this type of arrangement more onerous, but it’s still possible to manage this complexity. For example, Quadrent uses conversion to leasing contracts where assets are purchased but still treated as a lease (rather than a sale and leaseback) to achieve a similar result.


Again, we will proactively work with you to decide the best end of term solution for your business, ensuring there are no surprises.

Structured Finance

Quadrent is an expert in developing structured finance models to support different clients, vendors and supplier requirements. This can include managed services, structured payment plans and project finance. Quadrent understands how to align the funding requirement to the desired customer outcome, securing and often significantly enhancing the value created by the project or service. This removes the tension between cost and revenue and in many cases expands the number and range of viable projects.

We can also fund a combination of hardware, software and services, as well as provide bill, collect and remit services to make the payment process of multiple line items simple.

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Once Quadrent has provided you with a solution to fund your new equipment, find out how our lease accounting software, LOIS, can unlock valuable, actionable insights from within your lease portfolio.

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