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Leased Asset Management Made Simple

Quadrent’s LOIS is a lease accounting software solution beyond just IFRS 16 compliance, it is a full asset management tool allowing clients to report, manage and account for their assets. The software is supported by our inhouse team of CA qualified accountants and leasing experts to ensure you have the complete solution.

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Manage Your Leased Assets in Compliance With IFRS 16

It is vital organisations have an asset management system in place to outline and track all leased assets. For many, this might be simple software or an Excel spreadsheet that highlights key data and manages information.

Previously these were helpful in monitoring asset movements. However, due to IFRS 16, these traditional methods don’t work.

Now, more than ever, organisations require full visibility of data. Leases are no longer simply a cost, but now you must properly account for these as a liability and asset in your balance sheet.

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Asset Management Made Simple

LOIS is a fully automated lease accounting and IFRS 16 compliance software solution with robust, simple and effective processes, including rich portfolio reporting and asset management functionality. This system works in the backend to control and manage all assets as well as contract management. LOIS provides exceptional visibility, the collation of data and actively does the hard work for you. A cost-effective solution to managing your leases.

Additionally, our leasing experts assist with all facets of the asset management lifecycle, which can be broken down into about five key steps.

Asset management made simple

The Complete Solution for Asset Information and Management Services

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