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New Zealand’s e-waste per capita

Global e-waste per capita

Of owned devices are e-wasted

Of Quadrent’s leased devices are e-wasted

Growing ESG Expectations

Much of this e-waste comes from large corporate users of technology who dispose of their unwanted, unused or outdated devices as they would any other waste item. These items don’t degrade and must be treated carefully to reduce the environmental impact and increase the recyclability of materials.

Additionally, having access and being able to use a laptop, a mobile phone and the internet is something most of us take for granted. However, the sobering fact is that 1 in 10 New Zealanders are excluded from performing these basic tasks.

The Quadrent Green Lease is a circular economy initiative designed to enable an organisational culture change to improve your business’ sustainability, by ensuring products, materials and devices are in use for longer, improving the productivity of these resources.

It also provides the opportunity for these devices to get into the hands of schools and community organisations who are crying out for the tools to get online and take advantage of the information many of us take for granted.

e-wasted computers

Why Choose a Quadrent Green Lease?

By choosing a Quadrent Green Lease, your assets will become part of the sustainable circular economy, which is the key driver for all regulated product stewardship.

Quadrent Green Lease Features at a Glance

  • Sell your company’s redundant end of life technology devices to Quadrent, providing a cash injection and ensuring these assets are responsibly reused or recycled.
  • An undertaking from Quadrent that all returned/purchased equipment will be managed in accordance with Quadrent’s “sustainability hierarchy”, being: repurpose, refurbish, recycle, responsibly dispose.
  • Full NIST-800-88 certified data erasure performed to the highest level of compliance.
  • Full reporting and certification on the reuse, recycling and disposal of your lease assets. This includes ISO certifications 9001 (Quality), 45001 (Health and Safety), 145001 (Environmental) and ISO 27001 (Systems).
  • Up to 20% of returned technology devices can be donated to digital inclusion initiatives that improve digital equity for New Zealanders in need.
Quadrent Sustainable Hierarchy

Assured by PwC, Backed by the BNZ

It is the first financial product of its kind with embedded ESG reporting, assured by PWC, with the BNZ providing sustainable green loan funding.

Quadrent and the BNZ are both strong advocates for sustainability and are members of New Zealand’s Sustainable Business Council


Who is Quadrent’s Green Lease Suitable For?

A Quadrent Green Lease is more than just another finance product. It’s designed to allow New Zealand organisations to proactively take action to ensure your technology is reused after it comes to the end of its useful life within a corporate environment. By increasing the reuse, repair, refurbishment, recycling and responsible disposal of these devices to create a closed loop, organisations can play their part in minimising the use of resources, e-waste, pollution, and carbon emissions.

Not only does this provide peace of mind that your company is meeting its regulatory requirements, but it forms an important part of demonstrating to other stakeholders such as your investors and customers that ESG is more than an acronym in your organisation.

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