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IRIS Financials Quadrent

IRIS Financials

Quadrent and IRIS Financials Partnership

Quadrent has partnered with IRIS Financials as the Australasia distributor of their integrated suite of software solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of Schools. IRIS financial is a respected enterprise-level finance and business management software package, trusted by more than 7,700 organisations in over 58 countries worldwide. 

The software helps clients become more agile and efficient by centralising the management of all critical functions, by reducing administrative workloads and eliminating manual processes.

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Introducing the IRIS Financials software suite

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By uniting all your management systems, you can drive even greater efficiency;


Save time

Eradicate duplicate tasks and data re-entry with a single, unified system, saving time and preventing human error.


Take Control

With centralised control, you can implement policies and improve procedures group-wide.


See the big picture

Connect all of your data to gain a complete, transparent picture of the organisation and guide critical decision-making.


IRIS Financials by numbers


Integrated model for international schools

With over 15 years' experience meeting the needs of school groups and helping many organisations meet their new financial responsibilities, we are the administrative experts in the educational sector. 

IRIS Financials is the most trusted unified ledger database system designed for educational establishments on the market. In place of separate systems at each school within the group that require manual reconciliation, IRIS financials automatically consolidated all data - including individual school accounts, asset registers, purchasing, payroll and expenses - in one place. 

Our unified database model offers a range of advantages, including:

  • Real-time data analysis and unlimited data drill-down
  • Greatly simplified accounting and reporting
  • Lower infrastructure and maintenance cost
  • Unique flexibility and future-proofing
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