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Apr 26 2022
Apr 26 2022

COVID Compliance - How to Consider the Right Air Purifier for Your School

COVID-19. Compliance. Health.

There are a variety of factors that schools need to think about to maintain compliance efforts with COVID. Items such as hand sanitiser, visitor check-in systems, and general handwashing guidelines have been successfully introduced into schools.

However, one lagging aspect remains - access to quality long-lasting air purifiers in every classroom. Some schools are simply keeping windows and ventilation flowing to accommodate compliance, but with winter coming soon, this work around may not be appropriate for much longer. 

Long-term solutions lie with air purification systems that will not only safeguard health, but will also reassure the parents and your staff.

The University of NSW has outlined even further benefits to air purification, not only assisting with COVID prevention, but they are also highly effective at alleviating asthma and smoke from regular back-burning, as well as other communicable disease prevention. Click below to read their expert findings.

Additionally, I spoke to Tony Moore, CEO of INNOV8-MED, who shared his thoughts:

Schools need proven and tested commercial grade air purification systems, offering immediate and long-term protection 24/7/365, to deal with the sheer volume of people and airflow that makes its way through any given classroom and school. Classrooms are a true mixing pot of the general community, where everything can make its way in.

Schools need a system that can deliver protection against future pandemics. They need a solution to filter a range of ultra-fine particles, that is supported by a lifetime warranty and tested to COVID levels, which is the only acceptable protection. 

Finally, you must assess the cost of maintaining these systems by using equipment that offers a single filter change over 12 months, instead of multiple filter changes at different times that adds to the total cost of operating these systems.

Schools need to stay clear of consumer-made air purifiers. Their performance is poor, they have an inability to quickly collect ultra-fine particles of 0.1 microns efficiently and are not made for continuous operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

We know that running a school can be challenging in these COVID times, and finding the right, trusted equipment can be difficult. Therefore, we are always happy to share our experiences which we have gained from dealing with schools nationwide.

Always please feel free to reach out to me at michael.adams@quadrent.com.au or +61 422 716 113. I am happy to provide any advice I can.