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IFRS 16's Impact on Your Financial Decision Making

Even though IFRS 16 came into effect two years ago, banks are still looking at a company's balance sheet using the old standard. However, this will be changing soon and will have an impact on an organisation's financial decision making around:

  • Capital management
  • Balance sheet management
  • M&A and IPOs

On the 28th of October 2021, we hosted a webinar, with PwC Partner, Sean Rugers, providing market insights on these impacts post IFRS 16 adoption.



Below are the main discussion points that were covered:

06:30 – What was the biggest surprise about the IFRS 16 transition?

10:44 – Observations on the IFRS 16 transition

16:23 – Poll question: Has IFRS 16 made your organisation lease more or less?

18:40 – Post IFRS 16 transition experiences – client survey results

19:50 – Market observations from reporting season post adoption

26:25 – Bank covenant and reporting changes

33:22 – How to utilise leasing in management decisions

43:38 – Opportunities for leasing in the current environment

48:08 – ESG opportunities provided by leasing

51:33 – Key takeaways

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