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IFRS 16 Accounting solution - A comparison

In 2019 PWC conducted a Global IFRS 16 post implementation survey which "sought to understand how IFRS 16 implementations progressed and where challenges continue to reside post-transition". 

The survey accounted for the following considerations;

  • Was the transition easier than expected?
  • Does compliance still raise challenges?
  • Have unforeseen benefits been realised or promised spin-offs failed to materialise?
  • Have the effects been understood by, and communicated to, all interested parties?

You can read more about PWC's survey in our recent blog. Quadrent conducted a comparative survey to highlight the results of implementation for the customers now using our Lease accounting solution LOIS. 

We're proud to reveal the results; 

2012 LOIS infographic v2

 Get in touch to discover how Quadrent and its world-leading lease accounting solution LOIS can help you achieve the obtainable benefits of IFRS 16 or AASB 16.

Quadrent is Australasia's leading and most trusted equipment financier and lease portfolio software provider. We enable you to deliver your technology solution via a leasing structure, and manage and report on your lease & asset portfolio for compliance with IFRS 16. Find out more about our services.

LOIS provides you with a consolidated view of all leases within your business structure and full IFRS 16 compliance, whether it be one entity or a global corporate. Read more about LOIS.

If you're interested in understanding more about IFRS 16 Compliance and LOIS, here are a couple of resources we can provide:

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