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Ensure your education institution has the right technology infrastructure with asset leasing

Australasian schools and universities are quickly adapting to manage a highly disrupted learning environment in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Quadrent is working alongside several valued clients in the private education sector to ensure that they have the right credit facilities and leasing agreements in place to access the very best technology for their school now and in the future.

Not only can asset leasing help your organisation ensure it has the best technology infrastructure available, but it also ensures your students, faculty and other important stakeholders have the best experience possible when they interact with you. In this article, we outline why leasing technology assets is often more suitable than buying outright for businesses in the education sector, especially in the current environment.

Ensure students have access to the best technology while being cost-effective

Schools and universities want to give students the best learning experience and access to the latest technology. However, the rapid rate of technological obsolescence today can make schools think twice about what and when they buy. Further, replacing legacy systems and infrastructure can be costly.

Accessing alternative finance options with Quadrent allows organisations to access the best technology easily without tying up business-critical capital. Through a leasing arrangement, organisations can spread the cost for the use of the equipment over its life, avoiding the need to pay the full purchase price upfront. This frees up cash flow for businesses while allowing them to have access to the latest technology.

Managing budget constraints

Budget is always a top priority for schools and universities, but it is of particular importance in the current environment. Asset leasing allows schools and universities to free up capital and credit lines for use in other business-critical areas such as new facilities or buildings for students. Further, the investment that Quadrent makes in an organisation's equipment means that leasing is often cheaper than a traditional bank finance model.

Manage your technology lifecycle

As demand on staff member's time becomes greater, partnering with an equipment finance provider like Quadrent can allow you to tap into a cost-effective and efficient way of accessing, deploying, managing, reporting, disposing of and replacing technology. If and when an upgrade is required, this process is managed for you by Quadrent, which reduces the resourcing pressures that technology upgrades and deployment can have on IT teams and other key staff.

End of term flexibility

Many schools and universities have expressed that they prefer financing their technology infrastructure as an alternative to capital expenditure. A lot of these organisations, however, have had poor experiences in the past with other finance providers.

With an almost 20-year history working across Australia and New Zealand, Quadrent is the most trusted equipment financier in the region. We proactively communicate with our customers in the education sector, checking in during and at the end of the term to provide schools with straightforward options to hand back, keep, continue to rent or upgrade equipment.

Next steps

Asset leasing can be an excellent alternative finance channel. It could also solve some of the challenges your business is facing, leaving you with more time and resources to focus on your most valuable asset, your students.

Contact us today if you would like to understand more about how your organisation can make sure it has the technology infrastructure it needs while maintaining a strong financial position and engaging learning environment.

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