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Jan 22 2024
Jan 22 2024

Quadrent's Pioneering Efforts in Bridging the Digital Gap: A Spotlight on Radio Features

In a world increasingly dependent on digital technologies, the digital divide has become a pressing concern. Educational institutions and communities across New Zealand and Australia are grappling with the challenge of ensuring equal access to technology. Quadrent, recently took part in two radio interviews, shedding light on our innovative initiative to bridge the digital gap - the Quadrent Green Lease.

Bridging the Digital Gap in Schools - Radio New Zealand

One of the radio interviews that featured Quadrent was hosted by Radio New Zealand on their program "Nine to Noon." The discussion delved into the crucial issue of bridging the digital gap in schools. 

Quadrent's Gary Nalder articulated the company's focus on providing schools with technology solutions so their students can navigate the digital landscape effectively. The interview highlighted how Quadrent's initiatives are not just about providing access to technology but fostering a holistic digital learning environment.

Listen here - Bridging the Digital Gap in Schools - Radio New Zealand

Green Leasing Tackles Digital Divide - ABC Australia

In another interview, Quadrent was featured on ABC Australia's "PM" program, discussing how green leasing can play a pivotal role in tackling the digital divide. The conversation explored the innovative concept of green leasing, which not only addresses environmental sustainability but also contributes to making digital resources more accessible.

Quadrent's Peter McIntyre explained the symbiotic relationship between sustainability and technology access. By adopting eco-friendly practices in leasing arrangements, Quadrent aims to not only reduce the carbon footprint but also make digital tools more available for educational institutions and communities. The interview highlighted how Quadrent is redefining the leasing landscape by integrating environmental responsibility with the mission of narrowing the digital divide.

Listen here - Green Leasing Tackles Digital Divide

Quadrent's Vision and Impact

These radio features underscore Quadrent's commitment to being a catalyst for positive change in the digital inclusion landscape. By actively participating in discussions and sharing our insights, we aim to inspire a collective effort to bridge the digital gap in educational settings and beyond.

Quadrent's vision goes beyond providing hardware and services – it encompasses a holistic approach that considers environmental sustainability and social impact, fostering a future where technology is a tool for empowerment and equal opportunity.