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Mar 01 2021
Mar 01 2021

Client success story - IT Channel

The IT Channel team at Quadrent understands the IT business, and knows how to connect clients to resellers and vendors through the application of subscription agreements and lease structures in an ever-evolving market place. Having worked with selected vendors for 18 years we help their business grow and increase sales throughput to their customers. We assist our vendor partners by: providing competitive funding options; agreed levels of marketing and sales support; white label programs and dedicated staff.


Quadrent supports the global cloud computing software company Nutanix to grow its revenue and client base by providing structured finance payment plans for its customers. Quadrent operates under licence as Nutanix Financial Solutions (NFS). Nutanix is an industry leader and the major provider of hyperconverged cloud computing.

In 2019, Nutanix, reseller Lenovo, and NFS began liaising with one of Australia’s largest FMCG companies, managing over 300 stores and employing over 15,000 staff.


The legacy infrastructure was reducing business productivity and needed to be replaced, so the client wanted to acquire a Nutanix solution that would drive cost savings and efficiencies

This first challenge to address was payment for the solution as the organisation had a forecasted technology spend of $15 million. Their operating budget, however, was less than the Capex investment needed to acquire the solution. The company had two options — acquire a cheaper, less effective solution or explore payment options to fund the preferred solution.


Quadrent, acting as NFS, developed strategic insights and defined key reasons why a Nutanix Alternative Payment would solve the client’s budget and rollout challenges. As a result, NFS was invited to engage the client’s senior finance and legal teams directly to negotiate and finalise the acquisition and enable the project to start.


  • The firm did not experience delays to their technology upgrade due to Quadrent’s assistance
  • The customer acquired their preferred solution and started the rollout without delay.
  • The customer’s CEO and CFO were able to preserve the company’s existing business capital for investment in other business activities.
  • Nutanix was able to deliver 100% of the solution needed to deliver excellent business outcomes for the client without reducing the scope of work that would have been required with constrained Capex.

At Quadrent, we provide our clients with software solutions designed to manage and report on leased assets. We work to deliver long-term cost-savings across your organisation and assist with all facets of equipment finance needs, from providing operating leases to asset management, IFRS 16 compliance and reporting. Our world-leading LOIS solution is designed to assist in creating a robust process that effortlessly guides you in accounting for all leases to maintain compliance with IFRS 16 and uncover hidden ROI savings within Leasing. 

Discover how leasing can be a cost-effective and efficient way to access and manage the assets your business relies on.