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How LOIS Can Make IFRS 16 Quick, Painless, and Strategic at Year-End

LOIS lease accounting software could be highly applicable and beneficial for several reasons as discussed in our latest webinar, “How to Make IFRS 16 Quick, Painless, and Strategic at Year-End”. Here’s an outline showcasing how LOIS aligns with the webinar's topics discussed:

Simplifying Compliance

Centralised Lease Information: LOIS helps centralise critical lease data on one platform, addressing the challenge of collating and centralising the entire lease portfolio for IFRS 16 compliance. This is crucial for businesses aiming for a seamless transition and efficient lease management processes.

Advanced Reporting and Compliance

Comprehensive Reporting: With features for full extensions, part terminations, and full early terminations, LOIS supports all in-life lease amendments while adhering to the IFRS 16 and FASB ASC 842 standards. This capability is essential for entities looking to maintain compliance with evolving standards and financial reporting requirements.

Integration and Automation

Integration Options: LOIS offers integration with existing ERP systems and lease management software, enabling automated data transfer and minimising manual input. This supports efficient data management and helps organisations streamline their processes.

Portfolio Management and Optimisation

Asset/Lease Reporting and Management: LOIS provides tools for asset management and lease reporting, allowing businesses to optimise their lease portfolio. Features like automated end-of-lease notifications and advanced business intelligence dashboards give users tangible insights into their portfolio's performance, aligning with the webinar's focus on strategic lease management.

User-Friendly Features for Strategic Decision Making

Ease of Use and Access: Being an online platform, LOIS simplifies tracking, organising, and maintaining accounting compliance for all leases from a unified interface. This accessibility and simplicity support strategic decision-making by providing a clearer view of the entire lease portfolio.

Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance

Amortisation and Depreciation Schedules: LOIS automatically generates the necessary schedules and journal entries required for compliance, including income statements, cash flow, and balance sheet impacts. This feature aligns with the webinar’s emphasis on strategic approaches to year-end compliance, offering businesses a tool to accurately and effortlessly manage these complex calculations.

Enhancing Stakeholder Communication

Collaboration and Communication Tools: LOIS enables effective communication and collaboration within organisations by providing automated alerts, notifications, and reporting capabilities. These features facilitate readiness and impact assessments, helping businesses communicate with key stakeholders about the implications of lease accounting standards.

LOIS lease accounting software embodies the principles and strategies discussed in the webinar by offering a comprehensive solution to simplify compliance, enhance reporting, and facilitate strategic lease management. Its capabilities align closely with the needs of businesses looking to navigate the complexities of IFRS 16 efficiently and strategically.

Watch the Webinar Here