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Apr 09 2024
Apr 09 2024

How to Make IFRS 16 Quick, Painless and Strategic at Year-End

In the evolving landscape of financial compliance, the implementation of the accounting standard IFRS 16 represented a significant shift for organisations, compelling them to reassess their lease accounting processes. Our recent webinar "How to Make IFRS 16 Quick, Painless, and Strategic at Year-End," provided an in-depth update on how to deal with the standard, offering valuable insights into optimising compliance efforts. Coupled with the capabilities of LOIS lease accounting software, the strategies discussed during the webinar presented a comprehensive approach to navigating IFRS 16 challenges.

Overview and Panel Insights

The webinar featured Zubair Khan from Vulcan, Pavan Yanamandra from Perenti, and Stefan Iggo and Damon Kennedy from Quadrent (who run LOIS), who delved into practical strategies for managing IFRS 16 compliance efficiently. Amidst current tough economic conditions, the emphasis was on the necessity of compliance without resorting to manual workarounds, with a keen focus on cost reduction and strategic resource allocation.

IFRS 16 Process Optimisation

Key discussions revolved around taking a "helicopter view" of IFRS 16 processes, identifying areas for improvement, and leveraging technology for streamlined compliance. A poll conducted showed a significant portion of organisations acknowledged the need for updates to their IFRS 16 processes since its inception, highlighting the potential for enhanced efficiency and compliance a through strategic review and the adoption of specialised lease accounting software solutions like LOIS.

The Role of LOIS in Simplifying Compliance

LOIS lease accounting software stands out as a pivotal tool for organisations navigating the intricacies of IFRS 16. With its capacity to centralise lease data, automate complex calculations, and integrate seamlessly with existing ERP systems, LOIS facilitates a more streamlined and efficient compliance process. Features such as advanced reporting, asset management, and end-of-lease notifications provide organisations with the means to not only comply with IFRS 16 but also derive strategic insights from their lease portfolios.

Addressing Common Pain Points

The webinar identified common pain points in the IFRS 16 process, such as communication gaps, manual data handling, and time constraints. LOIS addresses these issues by enabling centralised data management, reducing manual input through automation, and fostering better communication and collaboration across departments.

Strategic Benefits and Process Improvement

The discussions underscored the commercial and personal benefits of optimising IFRS 16 processes, ranging from operational efficiencies and strategic decision-making to job satisfaction and growth opportunities. Organisations are encouraged to continuously review and refine their processes, leveraging technology like LOIS to achieve compliance, efficiency, and strategic advantage.

Embracing Emerging Trends

The webinar also touched on the relevance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations and the potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to revolutionise lease accounting processes. LOIS’s capabilities align with these trends, offering advanced business intelligence features and facilitating efficient data management and reporting.


Combining the insights from the "How to Make IFRS 16 Quick, Painless, and Strategic at Year-End" webinar with the features and benefits of LOIS lease accounting software provides a holistic view of the path towards efficient and strategic IFRS 16 compliance. As organisations navigate the complexities of lease accounting standards, leveraging specialised software, and embracing continuous process improvement are key to turning compliance into a strategic asset.

Watch the Webinar Here