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IFRS 16… important year-round, not just year end

Join Stefan Iggo, Damon Kennedy and Deloitte as they discuss the ins and outs of modifications and why IBR accuracy is important for auditors, in an upcoming panel discussion webinar hosted by CPA Australia.

Register here to join us on Tuesday 27 July, 10.00 - 11.00am (AEST) for our next Panel Discussion Webinar.

cpa_logoIFRS 16 is not set and forget. For instance, did you know that the Incremental Borrowing Rate (IBR) you used for your IFRS 16 transition is most likely no longer accurate and your auditor will be focusing on it this year? Therefore, it is important to ensure your IBR is up-to-date and correct, especially for modifications. This will help avoid any IFRS 16 compliance issues or balance sheet inaccuracies at year end and keep your auditors happy.

If you are unsure of why an IBR is important and the ins and outs of modifications, join lease accounting experts, Quadrent, and Deloitte as we cover the what, why, when and how, with the opportunity for questions at the end of the session.

The learning outcomes from this webinar will be:

  • What is an IBR?
  • Define the importance of an IBR on lease accounting
  • Outline the requirements to update an IBR
  • Determine the calculation of an IBR
  • Identify what an auditor will be looking for in terms of IBR accuracy
  • Discuss best practice of an IBR process
  • The commercial considerations of IFRS 16

You do not need to be a CPA Australia member to register, but if you are, attending this webinar will credit you 1 hour towards your CPD hours.

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Get to know your speakers

Lammert Vos – Director, Treasury & Capital Markets at Deloitte Australia

As a Director in Deloitte’s Treasury and Capital Markets Team, Lammert leads the Quantitative Financial Risk Management and Asset Enablement offerings out of Deloitte’s Assurance practice. This includes Deloitte’s online IBR tool, an application which enables Deloitte’s clients to accurately calculate discount rates required to fair value leasing arrangements under IFRS 16.

Stefan Iggo – CFO at Quadrent/LOIS

Stefan drives the LOIS Team. His experience in assisting clients across a multitude of industries with their transition to IFRS 16 combined with his background in leasing allows him to have a unique perspective on the market.

Facilitated by: Damon Kennedy - Business Development Director at Quadrent/LOIS

Damon has over 20 years’ commercial leasing experience and has been at the forefront of industry innovations that help businesses deal with IFRS 16 compliance – specifically via LOIS (Quadrent’s IFRS 16 lease accounting SaaS solution).


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