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It's time to activate your Plan B!

As Australia and New Zealand ease lock-down restrictions, technology will continue to play a significant role in helping businesses operate, manage and survive.

"Australian organisations, government agencies and educators are having to adapt at a pace which is forcing them to pivot quickly to new ways of working while making tough decisions about what areas of spending will be prioritised", says IDC Australia and New Zealand Research Director, Louise Francis.

Throughout the lockdown, many companies were forced to consider their current infrastructure, as business continuity plans were truly tested.

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Smart organisations should assess whether their existing model is a threat to their own business resilience and stability. Where companies have experienced constraints, strategies to bolster continuity plans should be considered. Now is the time to activate you plan B. Furthermore, as KPMG highlights COVID-19 presents an opportunity for businesses to focus on what future business models look like to ensure they remain competitive on the other side of COVID-19.

Whilst it may be tempting to place technology and digital transformation spend on the back burner, now is not the time to slow down. Investment in technology should not be considered as extravagant or lavish but rather necessary. However, we also understand and appreciate that cash preservation is paramount.

So that businesses can achieve both desires of having the right technology footprint to achieve the ‘new world’ efficiencies, and not make large CAPEX outlays to preserve cash and current funding facilities, companies are looking at Alternative Payment Options , such as leasing/rental as a way to activate their plan B.

There are five  immediate benefits of Alternative Payment Option which can helps businesses navigate the next phase of transformation. These include;

  • Preserving and building cash reserves
  • Releasing locked up capital via a Sale and Lease back model
  • Cost effective solution to acquiring critical equipment
  • Guarding against technology obsolescence
  • Flexibility on the use of the equipment at the end of term

To help you truly understand the pros and cons of leasing, Quadrent has released a whitepaper as a comprehensive guide.

This whitepaper covers topics such as;

  • What is a lease?
  • Role of lessee and lessor
  • 6 benefits of leasing
  • Understanding total cost of ownership
  • Lease vs. Bank finance comparison
  • Keeping track of leases
  • End of term options
  • Frequently asked questions

Download it free today!


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