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How Quadrent is different from other Financiers in the Education sector

As a finance professional, you've likely come across a range of financiers and models throughout your career.

Quadrent’s success has come from being able to make it easier for clients to acquire, use, and dispose of equipment with our leasing service, than if they had paid cash. Our team of experts will work with your school to understand your short and longer-term objectives to develop and put forward the best solution for your organisation.

In this article, we outline some of the key benefits schools enjoy by choosing to lease through Quadrent. From reducing your capital expenditure to a smooth end of lease process, stakeholders across the education sector value the convenience and commercial outcomes we deliver.

Lowering your cost of acquisition and use

Quadrent isn’t a bank. Instead, we partner with schools and invest in your equipment. This investment allows us the ability to lease the equipment at reduced costs and realise a net saving compared to the capital cost of the equipment.
By choosing Quadrent, you'll enjoy the benefits of optimising your balance sheet, preserving cash flow and asset to liability ratios and empowering staff and students alike to teach and learn with the latest technology.

A ‘no surprises’ and fair approach

There are no hidden fees such as documentation charges, credit lines fees or application processing fees when you lease assets through Quadrent.
Before the end of the lease term, we proactively work with you to understand what your school wants to do with its current equipment.

Schools typically decide between the following options:

  • keeping some or all of the equipment
  • returning the assets with nothing further to pay
  • continuing to rent the assets at a reduced amount
  • upgrading to newer technology.

Whatever you decide, we'll be in contact well before the end your term to avoid automatic rollover and overpayment.

Efficient management and reporting on leases and IFRS16 compliance

Our Lease Accounting team can guide you in accounting for all asset leases under the IFRS16 accounting standard using our widely recommended LOIS software. This software makes it easier to report on IFRS16 compliance and asset reporting, saving your organisation time and ensuring your lease accounting is compliant. Your IT team can also use this software just as an asset management tool to manage IT assets.

 Retrieval and equipment disposal support of the legacy environment

Before you roll out a new IT environment, we can also help you collect, wipe, remove and dispose of the old environment. With the ability to amortise the cost of this process into the new lease, your school doesn’t need to find additional resources for this often expensive and time-consuming task.

We are genuinely invested in you and your business

We work in partnership with our clients and genuinely invest in a long-term relationship throughout every step of the lease lifecycle. For us, this partnership is vital. We work as a true investing partner, going above and beyond for our clients. We strongly believe in giving back to the community and charitable programs you are involved in. 

If you are interested in learning more about how leasing your school's IT equipment may reduce your TCO, contact our Education exper Raj, and we can provide you with an objective assessment and consultation for you to evaluate.

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