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Sustainability Through Leasing: Rethinking How You Procure Your Business's Assets

Your workplace technology plays a significant role in the productivity and success of your business. Keeping your technology assets "ahead of the curve" gives you operational benefits but can be both expensive and wasteful, as assets that may still have a useful life become redundant to your business. Leasing can address both the issues of cost and waste by creating a sustainable system where the benefits can have a ripple effect on your company's growth.

Uncertainty and risks are a natural part of a successful business. Unfortunately, this can also mean wasted resources, and there are many reasons why technology assets are not used for their entire useful life. For example, you may have purchased laptops used for remote working during COVID-19, and with employees back in the office, these are no longer required. However, this technology could be useful to other businesses.

Most companies don't have the infrastructure or financial ability to set up sustainable technology processing. Quadrent is a sustainability expert and has a system that automatically increases the sustainability of your technology by maximising its useful life. In this article, we will discuss sustainability through leasing and some extra benefits that sustainable technology offers businesses.

Sustainability through leasing: the circular economy

The circular nature of leasing technology with Quadrent allows your business to enhance its sustainability while minimising your costs.

At the simplest level, leasing technology means that it can be returned to the leasing company at the end of the term. It's then up to them to decide what they do with it. However, there are many other aspects to leasing that ensure and improve sustainability, and Quadrent provides the highest probability that your technology is reused in the secondary market or responsibly disposed of. The following processes allow us to ensure sustainability through leasing:

Buyback your old assets

We repurchase your unwanted technology. You'll get cash while removing the burden and cost of securely disposing of your technology internally.

Safe and secure data wiping protects your business and allows assets to be reused.

Quadrent securely wipes all returned technology using certified, defence-level systems and processes. Secure wiping gives you the assurance that your data is safe and is the first step in allowing us to give your technology a new life with other businesses.

Redeployed into the secondary market

After secure data wiping, we remarket the technology to broad channels, using our experience to increase the chance of it being redeployed, which increases its useful life and improves sustainability.


For technology that cannot be reused, our recycling capabilities ensure that as much of the component parts as possible are reused for other purposes.

Responsible disposal

As a last resort, technology can be disposed of responsibly as e-waste. Proper disposal is ensured through certified e-waste partners, which means disposal is done in the most eco-friendly way.

Sustainability benefits for your business

Regulation will eventually drive the necessity to implement sustainability into business operations, and leasing can support this change. However, sustainability can actually be a win-win. 

Avoid disposal responsibilities

Businesses are responsible for the correct and safe disposal of their equipment following Australian and New Zealand Government regulations.

Leasing allows you to return and update technology in a timely and proactive manner. In contrast, buying technology means you assume the commitment and costs associated with disposing of unwanted technology, and that technology will often be more aged and hence less likely to be able to be reused, than when leased. With the absence of this responsibility, leasing saves your business time and money. As a consequence of returning your item, leasing companies can repurpose technology for others to use, which increases your sustainability efforts and accountability.


Stay up to date

Leasing is both cost-effective and makes it easy to upgrade technology at the end of the lease. By returning your technology at the end of the lease and knowing it can be reused, you can stay "ahead of the technology curve" and maximise the productivity of your business. When you update after a lease, your current technology can sustainably go on to live another useful life with other companies or channels while your business remains using the best tools available.


Leasing technology enables you to immediately and securely introduce improved sustainability practices into your business. The probability of technology being reused elsewhere increases and, where technology recycling or e-waste is required, the complexity and cost of responsible disposal is taken care of. The end result is that you have the workplace technology to help your business succeed in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.


Quadrent has helped many businesses understand this processes. If you would like more information about how a tailored leasing agreement could help benefit your business, we’re here to help.