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Plan and Procure

It’s challenging to plan and procure new technology for large-scale refreshes. Quadrent will establish a credit facility that covers the whole refresh and work with your suppliers to coordinate both the delivery of the new technology and timely payment to your partners.


Credit Facility to Cover Your Whole Refresh

Most importantly, we invest in the future value of equipment which gives you a better interest rate compared to traditional debt financing.

Credit Facility

We Help Enable Cash Flow Savings Through Leasing

Leasing has an immediate benefit over asset ownership. It enables cash flow savings compared to purchasing outright. We understand how technology funding works and our flexible leasing solutions give businesses the ability to access the technology they need today, without an upfront cost.

During the planning and procurement, Quadrent can assist CIOs and CFOs with these discussions internally to help all stakeholders understand the many benefits leasing will bring to the business.

Cashflow savings

The Complete Solution for Asset Information and Management Services

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Quadrent provides leasing and lease accounting solutions for large corporates and government organisations helping them to cost-effectively finance and report on their assets. This provides customers with an alternative to the traditional bank lending model and is well suited to assets that have a limited useful life. 

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Find out how Quadrent and LOIS can provide you with a solution to fund your new equipment but also unlock valuable, actionable insights from within your lease portfolio.

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